Sunday, November 2, 2014

baby melchizedek's blessing day

today our friends florence and richard had their baby boy blessed. baby melchizedek was born just days after we left for samoa and he is just gorgeous. a carbon copy of his daddy, he is sweet and cuddly, forever eating and sleeping in his mama's arms - as he doesn't like to be put down.

doug knew florence and her sister angela growing up, when they were in his family ward in auckland, new zealand. angela ending up marrying doug's cousin matt - and years later, flo appeared here in perth, in our ward with her husband and kids in tow! they'd made the move across for work and how pleased we are to have them here!

madeline and leiara have become firm friends and spend all their time together at church giggling and having a ball. it makes me so happy to see them having so much fun.

they are the sweetest family and i was so pleased to be able to take pictures of them after church today.

cutest girls!


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