Wednesday, October 8, 2014

wedding diy

my friend leigh is getting married in just a few short weeks... so we have been diy-ing here in the lounge - to make the centrepieces and petal cones for the wedding.

24 milk bottles wrapped in paper from a vintage copy of "what katy did" all i did was open the pages and snip out the cotton from the centres then peel each piece out. each is cut in three widthways and held in place with 2 pieces of double sided tape. then wrapped in a piece of 3mm white ribbon to hold it all in place. easy!

and 68 petal cones. each a single piece of story book paper, fold in two widthways and make a crease at the base, then fold in like an icecream cone. then add a piece of tape to hold.

ahhhhh wedding diy. there's not much i love more. ♥

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