Monday, October 13, 2014

southern cross travel insurance

got the best news today! my travel insurance claim i submitted last week has been accepted... and approved! i am so stoked - as i certainly was not looking forward to footing the bill for a new screen on my iphone. thank you southern cross travel insurance.

while on our holiday in samoa i was at doug's uncles house, about to walk out the door, holding joseph in one arm and my phone in the other... he did a bit of a lunge and i used my other arm to steady him - and the iphone took a dive to the floor. goodbye screen. :( there was nothing i could do to prevent it and i was not happy. however, being that there is a) no apple store in samoa and b) not even an authorised repairer/reseller over there, i had absolutely no way to prove it had happened there.

but... hoping for the best, i submitted all the papers they asked for (original invoice for the iphone [thank heavens i always keep everything] travel itinerary, quote from apple for repairs and boarding passes) and waited for a reply. the best news came back. apple stated in their quote that internal damage was possible and would not be apparent until the screen replacement was carried out. but southern cross travel insurance paid for not only repairs, but for the handset to be replaced. legends.

the insurance was a completely reasonable price i thought, $101 for our family of 4 for 14 days, with only a $100 excess for any claims made. the claim was simple to make with easy to read paperwork, the claim was processed quickly and my payment was made to me within just a few days. i highly recommend them and would certainly use them again.

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