Saturday, October 18, 2014

thermomix tm5 demo

i went to a thermomix demonstration tonight (before you start judging me people, i was told beforehand that there was no obligation to buy!!) and i have to say i was pretty impressed. it was for the new tm5 which has only been released in the last few weeks... and comes complete with a touch screen featuring assisted cooking. get out.

our demonstrator was such a nice girl, answered each and every question without an issue and showed us all the functions and processes really well. first up was some sorbet, then hommus dip, followed by flat pizza bread, then a risotto for main and chocolate custard for dessert. yummmmm.

it is so cool, i'm not going to lie. and if i had a spare $2000 just waiting to be spent, i would probably consider it - so if you do, by all means get one. (but i'm still not) it chops, it blends, it blitzes and it cooks (to a certain extent). i am also well sure that it would easily replace most of the electrical items in my kitchen. the people who created it certainly did a good job and i take my hat off to them. now excuse me while i go back to my kitchen and do everything by hand. haha.

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