Sunday, October 19, 2014

sunday lunch at the goodlet's

doug had to work today (as he does every now and then on a sunday with his contract) out towards mum and dads house on great eastern highway, so when church was over, i packed the kids up and drove to jared and donna's house in glen forrest for lunch. doug's crew dropped him on the highway when they were done and i popped out to pick him up. 

jared (this is my eldest brother for those of you playing along at home...) has made the difficult decision to close his self built and owned company dangerous goods engineering in kalgoorlie after there not being enough work out there and will be moving back to perth shortly. he should be so proud though, they have done so well and he is so respected and has such a good name for himself. i am sure it will be only a matter of time before he is offered a good job here in perth.

emma kate and madeline those two crazy girls picked a whole bunch of lemons from the lemon tree in the yard and insisted on making lemonade and selling it at a stand at the end of the driveway. let me set the scene. it's been raining all day, pretty hard for a lot of it. jared and donna's house is at the end of a long cul-de-sac and their property backs on to bushland. there are not that many houses in their street and no one randomly walks up and down it unless they live there. but i give the girls their dues. they sat there for quite some time waiting - and then decided to be resourceful and knock on the neighbours door (a friend of donna's thank goodness) to ask them if they'd like to buy some. they got some chocolates in return for their lemonade... and laura and i did buy one later... luckily they had an honour box though because they'd lost interest by the time we came outside and were off playing together somewhere else, but cam running when they heard us loudly exclaiming just how good the lemonade was.

they even let me snap this super cute shot of them. i love to see them playing together, it makes me really happy to see what good friends they are. especially because emma is 3 years older... it could end badly with some kids, but they love each other to bits and maddie runs after her as fast as her little legs can carry her.

after dinner when we were all sitting and gas bagging, we dragged out the wedding album and found this pearler. me at age 12 (jared is 22 - donna 27) rocking that flower crown like nobody's business. ♥ thank goodness for photographs to assist with memories. i was so excited to be a (junior) bridesmaid for donna. she was so sweet and included me in everything, took me to her dress fittings and always asked me for my opinion. she has been such a joy to have in my life, my first sister and i will be forever grateful to her for loving me so much and so well.

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