Monday, October 20, 2014

our boy is eight months

this baby has a killer smile. he obviously doesn't have much to be unhappy about, because we see it most of the day. if he's hungry or tired would be the main reason it disappears for a little while. but it'll always be back with that deep giggle i love so much.

i feel like so much has changed with joseph since we got back from samoa and he's suddenly grown up so very much. he is sitting up unassisted now (he still can't get himself into a sitting position unassisted but can balance and stay up on his own...) and can raise yourself up if someone leaves you propped up on something like a pillow. he's also starting to burp without help sometimes (after all the drama we had with colic for so long, this makes me happier than i could ever explain here...)

this month, j started reaching up for me to pick him up when i held my arms out. this is my favourite thing. nothing makes me happier as a mum than to know that he wants me. if i am gone from the room for too long, he will start to cry and call me "mummmma, mummmm" he still isn't saying any other words, but there is plenty of time for that, madeline talks enough for 6 kids anyway. yes i know what you are thinking, and i am sure she gets it from me.

he will reach for toys that are around him, like the football below (tell you what, that picture made daddy very happy) and is very careful when he picks them up with a look of great concentration. he also will get up ajd rock back and forwards on his hands and knees, but isn't ready to crawl just yet. it can't be far away though. he's fallen onto his face a few times when he's moved his hands, but has recovered quickly with a cuddle or two - or ten. ♥

joseph has his own room now that aunty has moved back to queensland (room tours to come, stay tuned...) and has taken beautifully to sleeping in his cot, probably because there was no room left in his bassinet - he's a tank! he's loving his solids... (not so much in samoa, he spent most of his time with heat rash and teething and i had to clean up a lotttt of puke) and has tried lots of mashed fruit and vegetables as well as some chopped fruit pieces to grab more recently. he loves his rusk sticks too and gnaws down on them. nom nom nom.

he's our baby boy and he's growing up far too quickly, but he is enchanting us and everyone around him as he does.

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