Thursday, October 16, 2014

october 2014 general conference

i love general conference. i love that it is the opportunity to hear the inspired words of living prophets. prophets living on the earth today, who listen when god speaks to them, so we can hear his words and improve ourselves. doug and i sat together with our babes on sunday morning and watched the sunday morning session (how convenient)... and it was great.

i have always had a quote obsession and have watched general conference with my notepad and pen handy... although these days it's my trusty notes apps on my iphone. thank goodness for pinterest and the ability to store my quote obsession and access it easily.

i loved these two quotes from james j hamula and president thomas s monson... they spoke to me and i quickly wrote them down. how true they are, how true is the gospel and how thankful i am for general conference!

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