Sunday, October 5, 2014

mailelani products

when shopping at the supermarket in samoa, i kept an eye for any lotions or the likes that might be nice to take home as gifts for friends... imagine my delight when i found the mailelani range, really reasonably priced and all kinds of amazing. i grabbed a few to give as gifts, but also bought myself the body scrub... which smells like heaven. i seriously cannot tell you enough how good it smells. i got the coconut one and everytime i'm in the shower i'm scrubbing away like a crazy person cause it's so good. 

downside? i bought them in samoa... not much hope for a restock there - until i discovered that they have a website and one of the stockists is in australia!!! i am so excited and am definitely buying more, soon. go have a look here - you will not be disappointed. natural, samoan made beauty products. so, so good.

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