Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween!

i am not a huge halloween-er. i love that people love it, but i have always thought it was very american. when i was a kid, it was the kind of things you read about in baby-sitters club books, not that actually happened around you. i have to admit, i always fantasized about going trick or treating in the most amazing costume ever. (let's be honest, what australian kid hasn't) but. i was born in australia not america. maybe by the time my kids are older it'll be an actual thing - but at the moment there's not much more than a few random kids in any given neighbourhood.

this year, i decided to do something a little halloween-y... and baked choc chip pumpkin cookies. my friend lisa was recently in perth, back from the u.s. (where she and her husband are living for a few years) and she brought over some canned pumpkin for me. i figured i had better put it to good use, went searching for a recipe on pinterest and found this!

they were really yum... and i dropped some around to the girls i visit teach as well. doing my hallo-good-deed-o. haha. if you're lucky enough to be an aussie that got their hands on some canned pumpkin, give them a go! 

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