Saturday, October 25, 2014

gidgegannup show

we had a family fun day today at the gidgegannup show! gidgegannup is a small town about 45 mins from perth, heading towards toodyay. each year they have a small agricultural show, we went last year and decided to go again this time. jen and her mum had a stall for their ma & me shop, which was super cute, they sold lots of their cute handmade things, including 6 pairs of earrings to me!

joseph was happy to be in his car seat and heading off somewhere - and maddie was so excited to know there would be stalls and animals and rides and aunty jen!
she insisted on wearing my sunglasses in the car and chatted away to us all the way there about everything she was going to do. she is so funny!

madeline had a turn on one of the kiddy rides, "the lost temple" which was a big bouncy castle with egyptian style themes throughout and a large inflated slide. unfortunately she didn't work out the slide until their turn was almost up, but she got to go down it twice much to her glee.

she is a huge fan of the emperors new groove, the disney movie about the emperor that gets turned into a llama and his adventures that follow... so she was so excited to see these llamas (um they're actually alpacas maddie...) and watch them sauntering about in their enclosure. they are the cutest animals!

we also took advantage of the free face painting on offer and madeline had her face done as a fairy. we had the most hilarious conversation in the bathroom a few minutes later... "mum i can't go to the toilet, because fairies don't wee." "well what do they do then? how do they get rid of the water they drink? do they fling it off their wings into the garden and it becomes dew in the mornings?" big sigh and no further comments from madeline, she just looked at me like i was stupid as she flushed. oh she's hysterical, a threenager alright.

i love family days, they are the best! ♥

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