Sunday, October 12, 2014

a visit to the farm

yay! today was made complete by a trip to the farm to see uncle mat & aunty jen. after watching the sunday morning session of general conference this morning, we loaded the kids up and drove to clackline. oh how i love clackline. it's always like coming home, because it is! joseph  took a ride on his daddy's shoulders, the safest place in the world to be as we walked around the place and looked at everything around us.

i am so in love with this shot of baby j. sometimes when i put him down he gets upset and starts to cry because he is such a mummycuddles boy, but not this time... he looked up at me and grinned away, while i snapped a shot of him.

maddie followed uncle mat about in her boots like a little shadow... which he doesn't mind thankfully. it turned out to be worth it though - he picked her up and gave her a ride on his tractor around the paddock, while she gleefully honked the horn over and over. what a fabulous uncle to have!

what can i say? we love the farm. thank goodness we have wonderful people to visit, to keep clackline in our blood until mum and dad return.

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