Tuesday, September 23, 2014

why you shouldn't travel with children

there a million reasons why you shouldn't travel with children. we got home today after 18 days away and i am very ready to tell you a few of them.

1. so much luggage. 3 suitcases, 2 car seats, a pram, a cot, and a carry on each. i am sure you can imagine that there was even more on the way home... 
2. they can't sit still. 6 hour flights? somebody shoot me
3. they can't be quiet. i told madeline i had changed my name and wasn't going to be mummy anymore, so then i had to hear why? why? why? instead
4. everywhere you go, you have to take a bag. a big one. nappies, wipes, toys, water, change of clothes... to start with
5. they don't want to sleep. ever. if they fall asleep for a minute, they might miss something important.
6. they never want to eat anything you put in front of them. "i don't like that."
7. they won't go to anyone but you. "i don't want you. i don't like you. i want my mummmm!" luckily nanna has 4 children and 7 other grandchildren and wasn't offended
8. you can't do all the fun stuff. no mountain climbing, no volcanic crater exploring, so sliding rocks... but let's play in the playground... yay.
9. they can't keep their clothes clean. insert washing every day of our holiday here.
10. they get sick. joseph cut a tooth the first day we were gone, vomited all except for maybe one day, both kids got heat rash and madeline had a fever.


1. they are the cutest
2. the sweetest
3. the cuddliest
4. the best
5. i can't deal with being away from them for more than an hour
6. their smiles make me smile
7. their laughs make me overjoyed
8. when they are asleep in my arms i forget every single thing about them that ever annoyed me
9. i love their little clothes and shoes and feet and toes and hands and faces and everything
10. it would not have been even the littlest bit of fun without them. i wouldn't have even considered leaving them behind. i love my babies and i can't live without them.

but anyone that's ever traveled with children will read this, laugh and say - yep. that's exactly why. why you shouldn't travel with children.

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