Monday, September 15, 2014

to sua trenches

we then drove on, with the rain stopping and starting... to the to sua trenches. oh my word. i could not in a million years describe how amazing and perfect this place was. as you can see from the photo above, the largest trench is around 50m in from the ocean, and a tunnel only visible at low tide runs from the trench through to the ocean. you are able to (although it is strongly suggested that you do not!) swim through at low tide and some locals do so... but it's definitely not something i would be keen on.

doug and i left madeline with her grandmothers and decided to go down for a swim and i am so glad we did! the water was the perfect temperature. so blue and so clear, lapping gently back and forwards with the swell of the ocean nearby. 

the trench is 30m deep, accessible only by this steep ladder, after coming down a short and also steep staircase. it's certainly an effort, but one that is well rewarded. the trenches were created by a flow of lava beneath the earths surface thousands of years ago. when the lava stopped, the holes remained, and the shallow cover of land eventually caved in and created this amazing phenomenon.  

it truly is a place where time does not seem to matter, nor even exist as you simply float and dream away. the pull of the current can be quite strong, so a rope has been placed across the water, allowing visitors to rest as they float and as you sit on the rope or hold on to it, you can feel the water lapping and pulling you back and forth.

i think doug would have quite gladly spent the rest of his holiday here, and i have to agree - floating on my back gazing up at the greenery growing away on the sides and feeling the rain drop away on my face... it was paradise. easy to forget that the world outside even existed... until you remember your two children in the car... sigh. out we get. 

there was even a gorgeous memorial facing out to the never ending ocean that surrounds the islands. if only i could read samoan, i would have been happy to tell you who or what it was for. looked nice though!

and there was these gorgeous little fales all around the to sua enclosure... for visitors to rest, leave their belongings, enjoy their lunch...

doug enjoying his last few minutes in the water.

to sua was incredible. an absolute must-see if you to samoa. you'd be crazy to miss it. what an amazing place.

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