Wednesday, September 24, 2014

theron is the man!

we've just gotten home from a great night, being part of our friend theron's melchizedek priesthood ordination. he waited for us to return from holidays so that doug could be a part of such a special experience.

in our church, worthy young men receive the melchizedek priesthood (which you can read more about here) at age 18, and most generally submit their mission pages shortly after - which i am guessing will be in store shortly for theron! can hardly wait to see where he will be off to...

as you can see, there are an awful lot of people who care for theron and play an important part in his life. his dad passed away just 3 months before madeline was born and although we all still miss him terribly, his family have coped amazingly and grown from strength to strength in his absence.

theron was just 10 when we got to know the pinker family well... and we have watched him grow into a amazing, faithful, young man that we know paul would be so proud to call his son. we spend a lot of time with them and feel as though they are the kind friends that one can call their family. we are so proud of theron for taking such a big step and look forward to watching him continue to grow.

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