Monday, September 8, 2014


we are finally here!! we arrived in samoa yesterday at 5:20am (midnight our time blergggggg) to heat and humidity... we stepped off the plane and as i took a deep breath i remembered exactly what it was like from my year in brazil. humid as. mum and dad arrived shortly after to collect us complete with leis for all of us (made by one of the lovely girls mum teaches) and whisked us away, as the sun rose above us and the temperature rose... to their home on the pesega (church college of samoa) campus. thank heavens for air conditioning!! we spent most of the day trying to adjust to the time difference and slept on and off as we were introduced to a few different people. 

for anyone unfamiliar with our story, my husband is a samoan born afakai (half cast) with a samoan mother and white new zealander father. his parents met here on upolo when stephen was working here, fell in love, got married, had doug and then moved just 6 months after he was born to new zealand where they lived until he was 11. they then moved to australia. 

but... in all those years, they had never once returned to samoa. my samoan born husband had never seen the island he was born on! fast forward 30 and a few years and my parents apply to be tvet missionaries for our church (the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints) and get their calling to where? church college of samoa!!! perfect opportunity for us to get to know the islands and doug to have a chance to visit - so here we are! parents (but not the samoan ones - you should see us trying to explain this story to people, yes my husband is samoan, no, we are going to visit my parents. yes, they are living there, no he is samoan.) are here... and we have come to see and explore with doug's mother and our two children in tow! let the adventures begin!

my first look of samoa, driving home from the airport in the early hours of the morning. it reminds me so much of brazil. the colours, the simplicity, the streets, the people. i am so excited to see more! to think we have two whole weeks to explore, to learn and to play!

one more pic before i'm done. my babies fast asleep jet lagged like you wouldn't believe, tucked into their beds last night. sweetest sight... which unfortunately didn't last that long. joseph has cut his first tooth as we've arrived and is not a happy boy. but yay for milestones! x

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