Sunday, September 14, 2014

pesega college (church college samoa)

i thought it was definitely important to include a few pictures of pesega college (church college samoa) amongst these blog posts. all up mum and dad will have been elder & sister goodlet for 19 months by the time they leave samoa. that time, has been spent mostly within the pesega compound.

church college samoa is one of 15 church owned and operated schools in the south pacific region (there are 4 in samoa alone) allowing a better education for the people of samoa. enrolment is not in any way restricted to members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, although the majority is, of course of our faith. as a classic example, one of the archbishops daughter attends the college, because "it's the best school on the island"

my parents have been working at volunteer missionaries in the tvet program, where mum has been an assistant in the home economics department - teaching sewing, cooking and the likes - right up her alley... and dad has been assisting the mechanical workshop teacher. how perfectly suited to the call they are! they positions have brought so much joy to their lives and to the lives of the students... i was lucky enough to meet two of the girls in mums senior class and could tell how loved she is. it made me so happy to know that while she's been away, that others have had the chance to love her like i do. i've missed her so much and it's made it that little bit better knowing that she was cared for.

this is the view from outside mum and dads teachers housing - the central fale of the college and the temple in direct view. what a joy to see it daily! how lucky they have been.

i know as their time draws to a close that they will be emotional to say the least to leave behind so many people they love... but i am sure they will cope, they are coming home to 7/8ths of their grandchildren for goodness sake! haha! there is certainly not long to go, they will remain on campus for another few weeks after the school year ends, to be with their students for graduation... and then home they come!

mum and dads little house (and big van!)

can't wait... but there isn't long to go now at all! :)

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