Friday, September 12, 2014

papapapai-uta waterfall and old hideaway

half way across the island of upolo there is a lookout, where across the valley you can see the papapapai-uta waterfall. what a sight! the waterfall is huge and can be heard right across the valley and is so awesome to watch.

it seems as though there would be absolutely no way to get to the falls, through the steep sided valley... but in true samoan style, you can see a house - across the way, to the left of the falls. what a roar they must have to block out when it's time to sleep.

there was also this lovely patriotic tribute flying away in the breeze, so of course doug had to have a picture posing away...

you can take the boy out of samoa, but you can never take samoa out of the boy.

touristing at it's finest... let's have a photo with the waterfall so we can prove we actually went to samoa and didn't just hang out at home for 2 weeks googling awesome pictures to upload.

after the lookout we drove on, to the beach at "old hideaway" 
oh. my. gosh. 
this is the stuff that tourist brochures and google images and dreams are made of.

beautiful palm trees, crystal clear blue water and perfectly tepid water, none of this freezing your butt off like home in perth, western australia. (disclaimer, i am not dissing perth beaches, we have some of the most incredible beaches on offer, but this was another story altogether.) we could have stayed forever, if there wasn't children involved. 

mum and dad obviously know the island well by now, there was not one other person at the beach and it was quiet and calm, the only noise the wind and the water lapping away. maddie and doug had a play in the water, she loved every second of it, after initially being a little unsure... we could hear her hysterical laughter as the two of them played away.

joseph and i sat in the shade and he had a feed and then slept peacefully away... this boy is loving samoa, it's obviously agreeing with him. both kids had been cranky and unsettled in a new place, and then both of them came out in heat rash yesterday so it was lovely to see them comfortable and happy once again. i even had a dip, while joseph slept and it was lovely... and anyone that knows me will not i'm not too keen on the beach

meanwhile mum and dad were building a little bridge across the trail into the beach, there had been a large storm a few months back and all the trail was washed away. the sand obviously doesn't allow for a lot of grip and the van slipped away as we drove in and we were petrified we would have been stuck. all good though... with palm fronds and coconut hulls in place, we drove smoothly across and were on our way.

it was absolute paradise. i can't even tell you how lovely it was, beautiful shells, hermit crabs all over the place and no trace of human damage other than the odd piece of litter here and there in the greenery behind us. it's obviously a well kept secret. a lot of the beaches here are owned by villages and to swim there you have to pay an entry fee, but this is deserted, clean and lovely.

a few more shots to make you jealous...

so that's one off the samoa bucket list. day at the beach - real unspoiled beach as it should be.

mads and doug having the time of their lives.

according to mum, there was a resort here years and years ago, but this is all that remains, this gorgeous little ruin.

such a great afternoon. samoa as it was in my head

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