Thursday, September 11, 2014

miss samoa pageant

on monday night we watched the miss samoa pageant on television with dougs cousins. held each year, the winner acts as an ambassador of the country for the next 12 months as well as receiving certain prizes. watching the pageant was really cool, there was a segment for traditional dress as well as the bathing suit segment, which was nicely replaced with a sarong segment.

we read about the pageant in the paper the following day and we were so amazed to read the words of advice from last years winner to the new miss samoa, "do not try to do this alone, you will need the lord's help. be sure to turn to him in prayer and ask him to guide you." what perfect advice. advice that you would not often hear in the world today. how i love the samoans and their love for the lord.

we were also captivated by the handcarved shell crown worn by the winner. each year a new crown is commissioned for the winner - mum and dad actually met last years miss samoa and held the crown - they told us of the intricate carvings and how beautiful the crown was.

doug and i have always shared a love and appreciation for polynesian tribal carvings, so my eyes nearly fell out of my head today when i saw the necklace above at pacific jewell (the most amazing jewellery store... unfortunately they do not have a website, i'd love to show your their stores) and i quickly snapped it up as a late birthday gift for doug. it's a swordfish carving, done by a local artist... the same one that does the miss samoa crowns! apparently his work is sold in their stores - and i am beyond stoked to have been able to buy a carving by such a talented artist. what a beautiful souvenir of the islands for us to treasure.

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