Tuesday, September 9, 2014

malua turtle pond

today we did our first actual "samoan experience" thing since we've arrived. after battling jetlag and grumpy children (and frustrated parents)  we managed to get out and do something... something awesome! 

mum collected a bag of sliced papaya up along with some bread, then we packed everyone into the car and drove for about 20 or so minutes back towards the airport... to a pond, full of turtles! i love turtles, so much, i think they are just the most gorgeous animals and i was thrilled to be able to not only watch them so close as they came out of the water to snatch the fruit from our hands!!!! but to be able to take photo after photo of them. sweet creatures.

joseph had fallen asleep in the car as we drove so we left him to sleep (we were standing less than 5m from the car, it was parked in the shade and all the doors and windows were open!!) as we fed and watched them in awe.

madeline was a little unsure about the whole thing, as she watched from the safety of her nannas arms, but she eventually ventured forward to pop a piece of papaya on a rock for one of the turtles to grab, but certainly wasn't putting her little hands near them... not that i blame her after hearing her nanna tell us a few minutes before that they can give you a nasty nip.

i just adored seeing them swimming up to us, looking around with those beady eyes and snapping away at the food. this is the kind of experience we certainly could not offer our children at home, so it was a wonderful thing to do.

this one looked almost as if he wanted to come and have a chat with us, leaning casually on the rock as i snapped a few pictures of him.

the pond is just across the road from the ocean, which obviously, being such a small island, is around us - everywhere we go. it seems to go on forever, with the most beautiful colours and sights as we drive to and fro.

madeline finally got down and went to the waters edge with grandad, where they threw some bread to the fish that also live in the pond. i know she is going to love it here. i am so so happy, with the people i love, in a beautiful place... with plenty of exploring to do. x

look at the fiiiiiiiish!

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