Monday, September 15, 2014

lupesina treesort

last stop for the day was the lupesina (white dove) treesort. nope, i did not spell that wrong, it is a resort, in a tree. long story short, an american couple retired to samoa and bought last on which they planned to build a house and relax. the land had a giant banyan tree on it which was hollow inside (if you go read up on banyan trees - they pretty much strangle the tree they grow on and take over, leaving it to die and rot away inside) and the gentleman had a brainwave that he was going to build a treehouse! not a house in the branches like we all know from our childhood, an actual house. in a tree. inside the tree. and it is incredible. it has running water, power, you name it, it's got it. it has a shower inside the trunk of the tree. it's even built an impressive 13 metres above the ground - so as to take advantage of the amazing view, straight across the rainforrest to the ocean. there's also another smaller treehouse 11 metres up called the stargazer, which has a glass ceiling in the bedroom! unfortunately when we popped in, it was a muggy day and there was fog everywhere around so my pictures don't show the view. i must confess i kind of like them though, they were like a real life fairytale and reminded me of "the magic faraway tree" by enid blyton. we could only look from the verandah as there were guests in the treehouses, but it was still impressive. 

please please please go and look at their website here and check out their pictures. they are amazing and make me so sad that we couldn't stay there (or even have a look inside). we actually planned to stay there a night but with both the children were so clingy and so sad all the time that i wasn't brave enough to leave them. not that joseph could have been left anyway, he was coming everywhere we went whether we liked it or night. he likes the milk far too much, but next time, for sure!!

we spoke with the owners for quite some time and they told us how well they are doing now, they are starting to even have celebrities come to stay and have had to arrange a guard post at the entry road as the resort is becoming so famous that people are starting to drive up to the houses and try to go in, or take pictures while they have guests there!

the stargazer ♥

the road into the property was barely drive-able but the treesort has attracted so much publicity and tourism for the islands that the samoan government has even built them a road into their place and they are going to be featured prominently in all future tourism campaigns. what an awesome place! exactly like a real life fairytale.

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