Friday, September 26, 2014

he's seven months!

an update on our monkey a few days late (due to his monthday being the day we got back to brisbane) but he is becoming a little boy and isn't so much a baby anymore. sniff.

while were in samoa baby j cut his first two teeth. one the day we arrived, which would explain why he was so inconveniently unsettled the whole way on the plane and just wanted to be held the whole time. the second was a few days later... but now he has these two adorable little stumps in his bottom gum. i love baby teeth. (side note, i am not at all fond of falling out teeth, not because i think it is gross, or hate blood or can't deal with it, nothing like that, i simply despise the gappy i've-just-pilled-my-teeth-out look. i know it's meant to be cute and endearing, i'm just not into it.)

baby joseph also had his blessing day in samoa -- what a special occasion it was for our family. you can read more about that if you please, by clicking here. he waved for the first time, at a shop assistant, not one of us, but seeing as it was my favourite shop over there i was totally okay with it. haha. he met his nanna and grandad for the first time when we arrived in samoa and enjoyed every minute of cuddles with them. 

he is testing out his voice and babbles away, while rolling around the floor whenever you leave him to play with things around him. all in all he's super cute... those bright blue eyes were a killer in samoa, everyone loved him and wanted a cuddle... but most of the time he wanted his mama. i was fine with that, he is sweet and cuddly and nothing in this world makes me happier than being his mama.

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