Tuesday, September 16, 2014

flea market

today was our market day. i have always loved markets and was so thrilled to head off to the flea markets to have a look around. it was a muggy day, and under the tin roof it was sooooo hot. i can't even imagine how the vendors can spend their entire day in there. they must be used to it though... 

what a gorgeous place to look around though... there was a rainbow of colour, with all the hundreds of lavalavas, dresses and shirts hanging from the hooks at the top of each stall... there were carved drums, necklaces, other jewellery and animals made from wood and coconut. there were fans and bags, made from the dried out coconut palm leaves... and lots of local food for sale.

i bought a few fans and a few other little things for friends - and doug was stoked to get his hands on a tribal print t-shirt. joseph and maddie also were spoiled by their grandmothers who both were with us, oli bought maddie a cute little tribal dress with a coconut tie and joseph a teeny t-shirt and my mum bought maddie the cutest little straw bag. it looks like licorice alsorts and she is obsessed. carries it everywhere and keep telling everyone proudly that "nanna bought it to me!" and looking for things to put in it. but the buy of the day was definitely a little carved drum for joseph... it will be going on display in his room so stay tuned... i'll post pictures soon enough.

what a wonderful place to visit... we are loving buying things here, as the exchange rate of the australian dollar compared to the samoan tala is so good, that we can half the price of everything... the woven bags i bought were only $10au each!! and the little drum? $12.50! winner! there are so many lovely things to be had, let's just hope we can fit it all in when it's time to go home. :)

my honest apologies to whoever owns these pictures... i forgot my camera the day we went to the markets and i have taken these from google images

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