Monday, September 22, 2014

a day with the milnes...

maddie testing out one of the life sized ponies at costco

it is always far too long between visits with the milnes. i hate that we live so far away from each other, but i honestly feel as though the old saying "true friendship can survive years without speaking but seem like you saw each other yesterday." well that's us. the girls are getting along like a house on fire and we are having the greatest time. what a pity we don't have longer here.

maddie clinging to uncle james in the wind

we started our day taking the kids down to a park on the foreshore in scarborough... which was amazing, but right as we were on our way, a strong wind came up and it got very cold. the girls made it about 5 minutes in, before they came back and said they wanted to go. oh well. was a good thought. we did however check out a few shops along the strip, including a hidden gem called "earthly gifts by the sea" (if you are ever in qld, go check it out - 79 landsborough ave, scarborough) they had the cutest jewellery and really different homewares. well worth a look!


then... we all headed over to costco! this was a new and exciting adventure for us, as perth is yet to get one! that's a picture of our lunch in the above shot - a slice of pizza the size of a dinner plate and as cheap as anything. and actually good! costco memberships are currently $65 for a year in australia, and well worth the price - some of the items on sale are so cheap it's ridiculous.

take these dickies shirts... which joseph of course had to have a roll around in. in regular street stores they are between $45 and $60 each. but here at costco? $14.99!! i kid you not. doug was so thrilled. (as was i, what a nice saving for us, with some new shirts for him.) score!

we loaded the three girls into the trolley together and they were so happy. they laughed and sang and played together... and it made me wish again that we didn't live 4380km from each other. (yes i just looked on apple maps, and fyi, this route requires tolls.) they were instant besties on saturday afternoon when we arrived... i think every dress up costume they had was hauled out, and they ran giggling back and forward through the house. it was music to my ears, how sweet it is to have friends so close that they are like family.

our happy girls

the three of them were so excited, we were in the toy section and i pulled out these three horses, that were all but real pony size, and the perfect size for them to ride on... madeline was so excited that she kept turning to me and grinning so i could take her picture. i now fell like i can report back too, what do they sell at costco? real life sized kids ponies! that's what. 

unfortunately the time came for us to say goodbye, and of course the girls were unimpressed that we were taking their friends away - for who knows how long this time. damn this large world. if only we had a way to keep every one we loved close.

we miss you milnes! :(

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