Wednesday, August 6, 2014

sister-in-law hits twenty-five

happy birthday to my favourite and my best... dominique! you were just a crusty teenager when we met all those years ago but i have been able to watch you grow up and i am so freaking proud of the absolutely awesome person you have become. madeline and joseph are so blessed to have their cool aunty living with us... and doug and i feel blessed each and every day to have you here. thank you today and always, for all you do. love you more than you'll ever know. you're way better than a real sister. xx

i posted this on instagram and facebook for my sister in law this morning. she's twenty-five and i can hardly even get over it. it seems like just yesterday that i met this shy little girl that was my new boyfriends little sister. i've loved her from the beginning with her wicked sense of humour that only got better with age. she's like a real sister, we argue, we joke, she steals my things and i steal them back... and we all play nicely.

 i can hardly believe that she'll be leaving us soon (she arrived the week before maddie turned one) to serve a mission - it's been amazing having her here and i am going to miss her so much. maddie has learnt so much from her (mostly good things thankfully) because she is so clever and so good at whatever she puts her mind and talents to!

i love you niques - have the best birthday yet!

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