Monday, August 25, 2014

felt banner hack

disclaimer to begin - i in no way own this picture, total possession belongs to homely creatures. i simply have a friend who upon seeing this banner featured in a competition on instagram fell in love, but was a bit short on cash, so i decided to make my own version - for her.  i think it's a cute idea and all credit to them for the inspiration, in fact if you want your own, please go and buy one here! they are a very reasonable price for how much work goes into them... but if you too are a little short on cash, feel free to follow my instructions and diy!

you will need - half a metre of felt on the roll, available from all large craft/sewing stores (i went to lincraft) most places will measure slightly larger than the 50cm so that you definitely get the amount you've asked for, so mine wound up being about 30cms wide. i simply folded the piece into 4 and then cut into pieces, then evened up the edges with my scissors also.

grab a piece of chalk and start drawing the outline of your letters onto the felt. they don't look even? not a worry - as you can see from the original, not all letters are the same size and are slightly higgledy piggledy. once you are happy with your outlines, grab your sewing scissors, poke into the felt and cut around each letter, then use a dampened cloth to wipe off any excess.

i've then made a slight hem at the top and pushed through some wire, to make sure the felt doesn't sag and just sewn a straight line across the bottom for the same reason. to hang, add a piece of coloured string (poke a hole and thread through) or use 3m strips if you're renting (thus the lack of string on all the ones pictured!)

i am very much hoping that they are enjoyed by the two little men they are off to... but this is the beauty of the internet. like something you see? make your own version! all it takes is a little inspiration and makeshift materials and you're well on your way to having your own! now off you go and make your own.

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