Monday, August 4, 2014

epiderm skincare

a few months ago a girlfriend of mine called me and asked me to this new product she had discovered. i of course said yes, (how could i possibly not trust her - she has been in the beauty industry for the last 13 years...) so she gave me above products which she swears will rid me of the ghastly stretch marks that master joseph has left me with. ever more annoying seeing as i didn't get a single one with madeline.

instructions were simple: apply the microdermabrasion scrub to damp skin and rub in circles until it dries out and begins to ball up and fall off. then once you have washed your skin and removed any remaining scrub, pat dry and apply the balm. so easy - and so worth the five minutes max that it takes out of my morning.

today marks 5 weeks since i began... and i'm converted - my skin is so smooth and although i am yet to compare my before and now photo - i swear my stretchmarks are lighter. i've also tried it on my face and after a good scrub and using the balm to follow - my skin felt amazing!

bianca is the sole distributor in australia... and i am sure she will do well, as it speaks for itself. i sent a few samples to a few other girlfriends, so i am curious to see what they have to say - although one of them has already bought the full pack after trying her samples.

if you're curious and want to try some for yourself (you can use it anywhere that your skin isn't the best... i even tried it on my terribly dry hands as a scrub!) there are sample packs (and of course the full kits) available online at do it! x

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