Friday, July 11, 2014

madeline is three

this crazy little girl turned three today and i have no idea where the time went. it seems like only yesterday i was holding that little dot (top right) in my arms, wondering how on earth my life was about to change. luckily we never know what the future holds, as i am sure no one would sign up for it... haha. but miss madeline beth has brought immeasurable joy to our lives.

madeline loves birthdays and i am sure she has enjoyed dragging this one out. she loves to sing happy birthday over and over, anytime of the year, to anyone who will listen and has relished in having it sung to her. she waited excitedly for daddy to come home from work so she could open her gifts and quickly got to work when she got the go ahead.

her favourite by far was the frozen barbie dolls that doug and i brought for her. she had a look of pure joy, along with a huge gasp when she opened them. ohhhhh frozen! mum dad! look! it's elsa and anna! winner. we also gave her some slippers, a peppa pillow, little library and figurines (cannot go wrong with this child and peppa pig)... a ribbon stick (amazingly good choice, as just this past week, she's watched a hi-5 dvd with a ribbon stick and loved it so much that she kept talking about it.) an elsa dress up costume, her own torch (yes dad, we are starting her young) and a few other little things. she was so thrilled with every little thing. what a lovely sight.

she quickly donned the costume and her crown, and a pair of silver shoes (clearly the closest we had to ice in her wardrobe) from her party saturday and went for a queenly walk around the backyard, dodging the mum-arazzi. so cute. looooook mum, i'm el-sa! yes, you are indeed.

some maddie trivia for you on her birthday seems appropriate:
favourite food: peanut butter sandwiches, polony, rice bubbles and strawberries
favourite song: i am a child of god
favourite movie: frozen and tangled
favourite tv show: peppa pig (and possibly hi-5 now too)
favourite colour: pink
favourite game: tumbling monkeys (a birthday gift)
favourite clothing: her pink tutu skirt
favourite toy: duplo blocks and her little people disney princesses
favourite animal: lion
favourite thing to do: playdough, picnics and pretend running races in the house

she is so fiercely independent and loves to do everything on her own "i do it!! i do it!!" but also loves to cuddle with us and be loved. and we love to love her.

our little princess madeline. she's everything we ever dreamed she would be, and we love her to pieces.

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