Friday, July 25, 2014

being an eight cow woman

tonight at our relief society additional meeting, our presidency had based our activity around the movie johnny lingo. it was such an awesome night and we were privileged to be able to listen to sisters with experience speak on the topics listed above. grazy talk was one of my favourites - explaining the need of conversation between you and your husband, not about work and not about the kids. about you and him and your future together. mad cow was also good, a reminder to take time out from the daily pressures of life in general and to get some "me" time to not go crazy. another thing i certainly needed to hear. 

the final sister that spoke "udderly fantabulous" was incredible, she had so much life experience and suggestions on how to stay grounded, stand for something strong and to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. it was a great night!

spoiler alert...

i have had a life long obsession with the lds short film johnny lingo, produced all the way back in 1969. as a youth, i grew up in a very small branch, 100kms north east of perth, western australia, in a town called northam. it was a frequent occurence that our youth sunday school class would be without a teacher, due to lack of numbers in the branch to fill every position and my dear older brother isaac took it upon himself to ensure that we had something to do, and were quiet enough to ensure no one noticed.

following sacrament meeting each week he would race to the library and grab the small tv (a dual setup with a vcr attached) and usher the lot of us into our classroom where week after week after week, we would watch the movie johnny lingo. until we all knew it by heart. there was on average 6 of us - give or take, but being that a few of us remain close friends, when we see each other these days, one of us only has to mention "mahana you ugly", or utter any other line from the many available and the lot of us can keep each other entertained, in stitches for hours.

johnny lingo tells the story of a young woman believing herself to be worthless and unattractive because she is told only as much. she lives with her father in the polynesian islands and spends her days working and such, until the day that johnny lingo arrives to meet with her father and bargain for her hand in marriage. the bargaining takes place in front of the village and the family are given cows as a reward for their daughter. 

the women of the village are seen boasting to each other prior, of the price their husbands paid for them - but when the bargaining begins, mahana is nowhere to be found. she assumes that johnny will not want her, or not want to pay much for her, as she is worth nothing in her own sight.

johnny, however shocks the pants off the entire village by offering her father eight cows for her hand, an amount that is completely ludicrous and unheard of. he then returns to pay the price and mahana and he are married.

due to his huge offer for mahanas hand and constant show of her worth in the future, she begins to see herself in a different light and blossoms to become a true beauty. it is well worth the watch and you can watch it here.

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