Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 months old!

i cannot even begin to tell you how delicious this baby is. joseph is five months old today and what a heartbreaker he is. i mean seriously, look at those huge bright blue eyes and dimples. i cannot get enough of them. he sleeps all night without a drama, smiles non stop and just loves to be loved. 

when he is upset, he is already making a mummmmmmm mummmmmm noise, which i love! especially seeing as madeline's first word was dad. (my turn!) he loves to laugh and when you give him big kisses he giggles away and makes his big throaty gurgly noises at you.

we started him on solids this month and he's currently having a teaspoon of rice cereal mixed with cooled boiled water. some days he seems to like it, others not so much. we'll see how that goes. being that he's a bit of a tank, i am sure he will learn to love his food... he may be the spitting image of me, but he definitely has the polynesian genes when it comes to size and food (judging on his milk intake!)

joseph is now wearing the same size clothes madeline was wearing when she turned one. i know that for sure, as friends gave her an all blacks onesie as a birthday gift and joseph is now rocking it like no ones business. i am dreading how tall this kid is going to be (and yes, how much he is going to eat as a teenager). 

we love him so much and are so glad he is here in our little family! ♥

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