Thursday, June 12, 2014

joseph's baby quilt

today this amazing quilt unexpectedly arrived in the mail and i nearly cried. mum has made all of her grandchildren a quilt, including a gorgeous one with stars for madeline, which you can see here - and now this! 

as you all know from my blogging, mum and dad are currently serving a mission for the church we belong to: the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, and they are teaching at the church college there. mum is in the home economics department and completely in her element cooking and sewing all day, so obviously had plenty of time and motivation to make this masterpiece.

all of the rainbow pieces around the outside are cut from the bright coloured lava lava cloths that the samoans wear, (mum has had miles of that fabric around her over the past 13 months...) then quilted fish swimming in a sea of turtles, and a hand embroided starfish (conveniently my favourite) in the bottom corner. it is so, so lovely and i feel so blessed to have such a talented mother, who loves her grandchildren so very much. i can hardly wait to put it in his room!

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