Tuesday, June 10, 2014

emma kate has a high tea!

today the youngest of my nieces miss emma kate turned 6 and had a high tea with her friends from school to celebrate. her lovely mum donna let me help (squeeee, i was in my element...) so i rocked up with my babes and decorated away with my eldest niece laura, (who was conveniently chucking a sickie haha) until em got home from school. i think we did a pretty good job...

us three girls made some treats (and cut up and arranged some sneaky purchases of donnas) to make this spread, which the kids and mums who stayed absolutely loved!

 the little milk bottles were a hit as always, and the kids loved the paper straws... (i am up in the air about paper straws... they look great, but definitely are kind of gross after being in liquid after half a hour or so, you need to make sure you have more than enough on hand to replace them every so often)

drinks station :)

emma had a lovely time, but i must admit i had my concerns about bring her not-even-three-year-old-cousin along to the party that she was having with all her friends, just in case madeline cramped her style a little. but... i was pleasantly surprised to keep hearing emma call, "maddie! maddie! come with me maddie!" and looking out for her all afternoon. what a sweetheart.

laura had also made some flowers from crepe paper for the chair backs which were so adorable. what a good big sister! i am totally keeping her skills in mind next time i want something.

the kids played a few games including musical bobs and statues and pass the parcel (always the favourite... side note, i wonder if kids still try to hang on to the parcel for that little bit longer so they can unwrap the next layer? i know for sure people did when i was a kid... haha) made me realise how much fun being a kid was and how excited i am for my kids to have parties too! can hardly wait for maddies, which isn't that long away now!

and just for good measure, i'd like to leave you with this absolutely scrumptious photo of joseph in the pram that donna's grandfather made for her. laura came cruising into the kitchen with him sitting in it, laughing her head off and i couldn't help but join in. classic. he looks very manly. haha.

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