Sunday, June 22, 2014

4 months old

baby joseph is 4 months old! so it's time for an update... 

after seeing the osteopath a few times, he is feeding beautifully and is practically a different child. so sweet and smiley, with the exception of the "witching hour" (as i like to call it - i am sure all mums are familiar with this - between 4-6pm, when they are getting tired and ready for their feed and bath before bed) he makes all kinds of noises, gooing and gahhing and gurgling when you speak to him, almost as if he is trying to speak back... i'm sure, basing my suspicions on miss madeline, it won't be long.

he had his 4 month appointment on friday for his needles and i had the nurses weigh him, he's clocking in at a hefty 8.3kg - and i whipped out the tape measure when we got home for his baby book - he's 65cm long now. wowsers. i've just broken out the 00 size clothing for him, including an "all blacks" onesie that friends of ours bought madeline as a gift for her first birthday! (bit of a size difference!)

he is sleeping all night (yay for this mama!!) and has also started to grab at things that you hold by him, or pass to him. such a smart boy! his cheeky smile (and that simple, that i have no doubt will break hearts when he gets older) and amazing... you can't take your eyes off him when he is smiling - and he gets mad if you do! he follows everyone's every move around the room... ensuring you don't leave him alone, cause if you do - he will call out and start whingeing until you come back. 

he still has bright blue eyes, much to everyones delight - they are amazing. i am 100% pleased to report that he looks like his mama. especially those eyes. he is growing well (maybe a little too well... haha) and getting cuter by the day! we love our baby boy and are so glad he's here with us.

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