Sunday, April 6, 2014

student midwife program

this lovely girl cuddling our baby is jourdin - a student midwife from curtin university - who is not only absolutely amazing, but someone that i now consider a good friend. upon waltzing in to one of my antenatal appointments at the osborne park clinic, i met her, sitting with the midwife who was doing my appointment. we got to chatting and i asked her question after question about what she was doing - and more importantly what are you doing here ?! i learnt all about the curtin midwifery continuity of care program and that i could have her at all my appointments and that she would be there to help deliver the baby when he arrived. sooooo - after how well we got along and how much we laughed i was like hey why not? so i chatted with doug and is was onn!

we had a great time together over all the months that i had clinic appointments - and then unfortunately due to family circumstances, jourdin was overseas when joseph was born :( but we still love her! she's been to check ups and such with us since he was born and the other day came with us to have his hip scanned too! at an appointment with the gp we discovered that joseph had a clicky hip (which maddie also had...) but again we have been given the all clear! nothing wrong with him at all! we did use it as a great excuse to get a picture of him with our sweet boy that i can keep. and aren't they cute?!

i have to admit - i love all the midwives i have met - and everytime i leave the hospital i desperately want to be one. the only thing is, i cannot bear to see anyone in pain... so maybe that's not the job for me. i'll keep thinking about that one...

i admire them so much, their calmness in what can be such a stressful environment, their caring and the love that they have for each and every patient that is in their care. it is so inspiring, and i am grateful every day that i have been blessed to be cared for by such beautiful women. ♥

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