Friday, April 18, 2014

ruby's frozen party

today maddie and i got to attend ruby's frozen party! ruby is a girl in maddie's nursery class at church who maddie talks about all the time, "ruby's my best friend..." so she was super excited, and even more so when we told her it was a frozen party. i think every little girl i can think of right now is completely obsessed.

ruby's mum did such a good job though... the kids played musical statues and pass the parcel to songs from the frozen soundtrack, pin the tail on sven (the reindeer from the movie), had a little lunch with frozen themed food... marshmallows (the big scary snowman in the movie is called marshmallow), carrots (cause sven likes them), popcorn (looks like snow), blue jelly (looks like frozen water) and drank from water bottles with funky printed frozen labels...

but the coolest game? they got to build a snowman of their very own! such an amazing idea! here is maddies... she was so excited to make one and then show it off to me. ruby's mum also made a frozen cake, with white snow icing, blue toffee ice and the characters from the movie. so cool. (pun intended.)

and just when i thought there was nothing else that they could possibly do to make it any better, along comes an ice cream truck. can't get much "cooler" than that!! the kids were stoked and so were the big kids, as ruby's parents bought us all one too.

ruby and her cousin blowing out the candles at the end of the day... i feel so lucky to know people so kind to invite us to their childrens special occasions and i know madeline had such a good time... there was even a goodie bag with blue easter eggs and a frozen "kinder surprise" egg, which i know a certain little girl can't wait to open!

coolest party ever!

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