Tuesday, April 1, 2014

himym is over...

doug and i have been watching how i met your mother since the beginning - and tonight we finally got to watch the last episode - where ted meets the mother - after 9 years of episodes. i've loved it - all of it... but the finale really ruined it for me, and i am so not happy with what they have done.

***major spoiler alert***
the entire 9th season has been covering the few days leading up to barney and robins wedding - all 22 episodes. we have seen random scenes of ted with the mother, but still haven't seen how they met. in episode 23 barney and robin finally get married, only for us to find out in the very next episode that it didn't work out and they got divorced. robin then stops hanging out with the crew and kind of falls off the planet - only to appear at ted and tracy's  (the mothers) wedding because tracy called and begged her to come. weird. 

barney then gets some girl pregnant and doesn't seem bothered by it until he meets the daughter, who becomes the love of his life... and then tracy dies. um yes. she dies. and this is just glossed over, as part of the story telling... we see nothing more than the mother lying in a hospital bed, we are told she's sick and then told she's dead. no funeral, no goodbyes, nothing. on with the show! i felt a bit ripped off that after such a build up to having her even enter the show they could have given her some kind of send off for goodness sake!

the story ends and the kids then tell their dad how clear it is that he's still in love with aunt robin and why hasn't he asked her out yet. so off he runs with the blue french horn to her apartment where the story ends. what the heck? why didn't you just call the show "how i settled for your mother while i waited for your aunt robin" ? he was always running back to her, after her - through everything, so clearly it makes sense that eventually they would end up together - plus to be fair, the kids mention that it's been six years since the mother passed away... but it was just such a letdown. why couldn't he and the mother have actually lived happily ever after? would that have been too much to ask? 

there have been very few positive reviews of the finale online, and one disgruntled fan even went so far as to make what he thought should have been the ending - which i completely agree with. if you've seen the finale and it made you want to throw chairs (like i wanted to...) check it out here - it's perfect!

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