Saturday, April 12, 2014

baby book

we have been so lucky... when mum and dad decided to go to samoa to serve a mission teaching at church college we were so worried about who would live in their house, of course we wanted to make sure their home and their things were safe... but time started to creep up on us and still we had no idea who there could possibly be that wanted to live in a house in clackline! 

but god works in mysterious ways and one day i received an email from a friend - who knew i had attended northam branch when i was younger - asking if i might know of anywhere near there for rent, as people from his home branch in new zealand were moving over for work... boom. obviously it still all depended on whether or not the people were happy with the house and wanted to live there but it was a start.

greg and his wife chris turned up to have a look, they got along with my parents like a house on fire and a few weeks later they moved in - and are taking fabulous care of the place.

much like my mother, chris is into all kinds of art and crafts - and a few weeks ago gave me this beautiful book she had made, as a gift for baby joseph. i ummed and ahhed for some time about what to do with it and then had an amazing idea... when i was pregnant with madeline and in her first year and a bit of life i wrote in a journal for her to have, with all her milestones and the likes, but it always struck me as a little boring. it was all writing and no pictures - and although beautiful was not something she would probably want to share with anyone, as it was very personal, being full of her mothers thoughts and feelings.

so i decided to make the book full of the photos i had taken and to handwrite his milestones into the book alongside them. here is the beginning! our first look at our little boy - at my half way ultrasound...

photos of my growing bump as time went on throughout my pregnancy...

then his birth announcement and little bits and pieces, like a small paragraph about jourdin our student midwife who helped throughout my appointments etc...

and then... each month i'll add josephs month shot on his chair (see here for the ones i took of maddie) and write a little something about what's going on. i am so super excited about it and can't wait to keep adding to it. thank you so much chris, you're the best!!!

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