Saturday, March 15, 2014

taytay gets girly!


last night tayla came over to our house to get ready for her all important school ball... we had a team working on her to get her hot and ready in time - niques on hair, jo on hair and me? i was in charge of accessories and nails. not the most important or time consuming job, but important nonetheless... 

niques and jo did such a good job and tay looked so grown up, so beautiful and so girly! this is our tay that gets around in shorts or jeans with jandals most of the time and just doesn't care. she didn't even have pierced ears until a month ago. but right in front of our eyes shes been becoming a young lady - and a gorgeous one at that.

tays date for the night was her friend cam from our ward (he and his family have moved here in recent months from nz) and you could tell the two of them were going to have a good time together, clowning around and have a good laugh - even when i was begging them to be serious for just one photo! i did get two good ones though, thank goodness, i am pretty sure that their mums would have killed me if i didn't.

it's so nice to watch someone grow up before your very eyes and tay has done just that this weekend. work it girl. won't be long before the boys are chasing you! ♥

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