Saturday, March 22, 2014

passport photos

if only this could have been joseph's passport photo! he was lovely and still and calm as anything. pity it doesn't meet any of the national specifications. we had the "joy" of having his passport photos done today - we are off to samoa to visit mum and dad later this year. the poor baby boy had a feed right before we took him to the pharmacy but then did not want to wake up... after 15 minutes of tickling, gently shaking and putting cold hands on his belly, we had to get a flannel and wet it with cold water and rub his feet and belly with it.

oh that worked. he started screaming and wiggling - but still didn't help with the pictures any - as they were all with his eyes squinty and mouth open to yell. eventually he had to have another feed - and then of course the first shot the girl took was perfect! what a trooper - she dealt kindly with almost an hour of this! 

to add to the issues of all of this - there seems to be only one chemist in the perth area that will actually do baby passport photos (friendlies chemist subiaco) - so we had made a trip into subiaco especially to get them - and their printer wasn't working! hopefully the stamped self addressed envelope we left behind will fix all that - and we should have them by the end of the week. i remember how cute madeline's pictures were - i can't wait to see josephs!

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