Saturday, March 1, 2014

maddie and seffa

i am the luckiest person in the world. two from two. a boy and a girl. a pigeon pair. and they are absolutely adorable. i can't get over just how cute the two of them are and how much madeline loves her baby brother is just amazing. all i hear all day is, "mummy! mummy! where's jofiss? i see him? i kiss him?" she is absolutely obsessed with him and it makes me so happy.

it can be a little difficult at times, like when she tries to climb into his bassinet to cuddle him (unfortunately she has succeeded more than once...) and when she insists on holding him twentysixthousand  times a day. but at least she likes him. that's better than some sibling relationships i have seen in the past. i only hope that in 15 years time she still feels the same way about him.

i especially love this picture of them together - the look of utter disdain on his face whilst maddie is having the time of her life tickling him "mummy i tickle him!" 
one thing is for sure, i am going to enjoy the heck out of them!

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