Tuesday, March 4, 2014

in sickness and health

this content looking chubba has already had a visit to the hospital and the doctor since he entered the world. day three we went to princess margaret childrens hospital after joseph came out in a rash all over - which we were very quickly assured was a extremely common in newborns (called erythema toxicum) but oh my word were they amazing. we called the after hours gp, who said he couldn't give any advice for a 3 day old baby as he wasn't a pediatrician and then sent us to the hospital.

within 5 minutes of arriving of the hospital, we had been ushered into a private observation room (it was due to the fact that the hospital didn't know what any one in the waiting room could have had - and joseph clearly couldn't have had his shots yet) where the hospital registrar came to us to get our details (yep joseph hadn't been registered into the medicare system yet either) then a nurse came in, followed quickly by a dr - and we were in and out of the hospital within 20 minutes. champions. but great - because lets be honest, who wants to sit in a waiting room with a newborn...

doug had a bit of a cold when he was born and maddie quickly caught it, she loves her daddy and always wants to be 10cms from him... but then due to all the love she keeps throwing at baby joseph, he has it now too. not even two weeks old and he is snuffling, has a little cough, sneezing all over the place... it's yuck. the child health nurse came this morning and suggested it was best to take him to the doctor just in case - but of course, there's nothing you can give a newborn and i was given exactly what i assumed, the advice of keeping his nose cleaned out and as long as he kept feeding without any dramas, that there wasn't anything else i could do... sigh

she did give us some good news though, breastfed babies are expected to gain about 30gms per day to be healthy - and our little machine is gaining sixtyone! what a champ. must be because a) i have so much milk and b) all he wants to do all day is drink drink and drink some more. it's much the same as when i had madeline, sometimes he'll pull off and get a nice stream of milk in the face - or i'll have a nice pain going on because they are filling again too quickly. to be honest i am glad though... lots of milk is great - and a healthy baby is exactly what the dr ordered.

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