Wednesday, February 26, 2014

what's in a name?

joseph goodlet

"what's in a name? a rose which we would call by any other name would smell as sweet..." 
william shakespeare 'romeo and juliet'

it took us a really long time to name baby joseph. a long time. with madeline it was so easy - i had always wanted to name my daughter madeline, and her middle name came easily with our friend beth who had introduced us - but boys names were much harder. we had joked numerous times whilst i was pregnant with madeline that it was lucky we were having a girl as we just could not agree on a boys name. it was impossible - and it proved to be so again this time around.

in the end, family love won out and we decided to name our little boy after our paternal grandfathers - joseph goodlet and evan kendall. grandad joe and i were very close and i have always loved the name, whereas dougs dad has always told him that he wished he had have named him evan after his father as they were so alike - so it was a win for the middle name.

with further research we discovered that joseph means "a gift from god" and evan "a young warrior" both qualities that i am very happy for our little one to bear. i also love joseph for the amount of times it appears in the writings of the prophets, the scriptures - obviously playing a huge part in our religion especially with our first latter-day prophet being a joseph.

he is already being called plenty of nicknames, baby joey, joe, jojo and from big sister maddie - jofis. i am sure she'll learn to say it eventually. 

we are so proud of the name he bears and hope that he can make these two men who were such a huge part of his parents lives, proud to call him their great-grandson. they may have passed on, but we know they will be watching him and cheering him on from the sidelines.

p.s. the bit i love the most? joseph in samoan is quite a common name - iosefa, and the nickname is seffa. classic - and even funnier if you have seen sione's wedding
madeline's next door neighbour (in the books) is a little boy called pepito whose father is the spanish ambassador. pepito in english is... yep you guessed it - joseph! :)

evan douglas kendall 

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