Tuesday, February 18, 2014


i must admit, i am not the most patient person in the world, but waiting for this baby to come is not bothering me at all. i am completely content to remain pregnant for as long as i need to, which may be even until next monday - probably because i remember just how little sleep i got when madeline was born... but then again i probably have a bit better idea what i am doing this time around. (or do i...?)

we had a lot of visitors today - jamie-lee and zara came to visit and madeline got the most beautiful christmas gift - the tutu dress she is rocking in the above picture. i am in love! then hayley came over and us girls went for a trip to ikea and bought some things that we "neeeeded" (funny how every trip to ikea you don't go looking for anything in particular but end up buying things that you just can't live without.)

ended the day with a trip to the osborne park hospital assessment unit, where baby k had another ctg (heart rate) scan - all is well, it's very happy and... i'm still pregnant with no idea when it will arrive. i did however confirm with the midwifes on duty - that you are normally induced on day 10 - so next monday it would then be. i guess we just wait and see what happens! one thing is for sure, i can not wait to meet the little one.

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