Saturday, February 22, 2014

leaving the hospital...

daddy and maddie came to the hospital yesterday to bring us home with aunty dominique who took some lovely photos of us all. maddie was so excited to see baby joseph (who she has decided is called baby jofis) and wanted to hold him and love him and kiss him. it was so cute. she even cried when doug took her away from him after a while.

her first hold and she was all smiles. :)

i cannot believe i have two babies! two! 
they are so sweet and snuggly, and one of the most amazing experiences in my life was definitely when i got to hold them both together for the first time. 

doug is loving having a little boy, i am sure. i'm pretty sure that there's nothing better in the world when mummy has her little girl and daddy has his little boy. i am sure he'll be subjected to hours of football, rugby, basketball etc etc while i keep painting maddie's fingernails and braiding her hair... haha

thank goodness she loves him!

it's amazing this time around i am not nearly as nervous, even going home the next day. i feel like i actually know what i am doing, and he is feeding so well that i am sure he will sleep much better than madeline did when she was so new. last night wasn't too bad - every three hours is okay, let's hope he keeps it up.

being a mum is amazing. i am so so lucky. 

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